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The crypto currency exchange where you can trade bitcoins for cash, credit card, or Paypal

Safe and Secure

  • Protected by Military grade SSL cryptography.
  • Advanced encryption technology.
  • 2-step Verification.
  • Secure Offline Storage
  • Multi-firewall protection
  • Anonymous transactions


  • High-speed trade algorithm.
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal.
  • Quick support.
  • Fast funding.


  • Multiple currencies.
  • Works everywhere and anytime.
  • Covers global transaction in anywhere in the world.
  • Works 24 hours, 7 days a week.


  • Futures with 20x leverage
  • Multiple delivery dates
  • Long-term contracts
  • Margin management tools

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May 28th, 2017Bitcoin Is Bigger Than Ever, And Here's Why That Matters - Forbes
The money you've been using all your life is backed by a government of some sort, and it exists in a tangible way. Bitcoin is neither tangible nor backed by anyone, but it's still worth a great deal to some people. This digital currency began ...
May 28th, 2017South Korea is Becoming Bitcoin and Ethereum Powerhouse - CoinTelegraph
South Korea has also become one of the largest Bitcoin exchange markets in the world. Although South Korea is currently the fourth largest Bitcoin exchange market behind the US, China and Japan, a month ago, its trading volume and market share was ...
May 28th, 2017I threw away $4.8 million in Bitcoin - The Sydney Morning Herald
An utterly generic 250GB portable hard drive, already a few years old, with a couple of dings and scratches in its shell and with the beginnings of an audible click that would have eventually killed it. It had a data file containing 1400 Bitcoin on it ...
May 28th, 2017The bitcoin bubble is back - but investors should avoid it -
Remember bitcoin? For a brief moment back in 2013 it looked like the currency of the future: capital controls during Cyprus' financial crisis had shaken confidence in the freedom of traditional currencies, and regulators were gradually warming to ...
May 28th, 2017Crypto Massacre: Why Bitcoin, Altcoin Prices Suddenly Declined - CoinTelegraph
Bitcoin and major altcoins have recently experienced some significant volatility. While some players in the industry believe that the initial surge in price is as a result of value proposition and reasonable adoption of the entities, others have ...
May 27th, 2017Civic launches Bitcoin based identity solution
Decentralized identity solutions were a hot topic at Consensus 2017, a popular Bitcoin and blockchain conference event held in New York City earlier this week. One of the most anticipated and full-fledged solutions presented is Civic, which was debuted Gyft co-founder, venture capitalist, and Shark Tank South Africa star Vinny Lingham.
May 26th, 2017Bit by bit – the growing calls for Bitlicensing in the wake of global cyberattacks
Earlier this month, hackers executed a global cyberattack, reportedly attacking over 150 countries, including public and health care systems and individual computers. The attackers demanded payment in bitcoin to unlock computers and return the data.
May 26th, 2017Three reasons why this time is different for bitcoin - CNBC
Bitcoin's exponential surge is different this time around, most digital currency investors and software developers say. To many, the enthusiasm resembles the rush into technology stocks before the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Bitcoin itself plunged in ...
May 26th, 2017Bitcoin Price Analysis - Interim bottom
Bitcoin continues to make new all-time highs almost every day. The spot price has experienced considerable range expansion with swings between $1997-$2745, according to BLX. Network Hashrate continues to make all-time highs as well, with successive difficulty adjustments, currently at just over 4 billion GH/s. Difficulty has increased 65.50% year to date.
May 24th, 2017Netki launches Digital ID solution, which Bitt is using with Central Banks in the Caribbean
California blockchain startup Netki announced the launch of their highly-anticipated Digital ID smartphone app at Consensus 2017 on Tuesday. The ID platform was designed to help people control their identities better, while at the same time giving anyone who needs a government-approved identification a feature-rich, blockchain-based, free solution that can be used anywhere.
May 23rd, 2017Counterarguments to Ripples value preposition
As some of you might know, I really like the idea behind the Ripple system. Creating a settlement layer based on trust and IOUs, being able to issue any asset easily, working quite well as a middleware layer, incentivising specialisation, creating a singularity of money, all of that is great. The system is not without its flaws however - centralisation of validators is an issue, and so is the token distribution. While both are interesting topics, with the recent meteoric rise in XRP price, I think it's worth focusing on that part of the discussion.
May 23rd, 2017ShapeShift launches trustless asset portfolio platform, Prism
Swiss blockchain technology startup ShapeShift AG recently announced the launch of “the world’s first trustless asset portfolio platform,” called Prism. The service provides investors with customized portfolio management, allowing them to create their own digital asset portfolios without counterparty risk, and without the need to keep a wallet for each asset they’re invested in.